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City Days Review


As we get older our faces begin to show our age with the appearance of wrinkles, dark spots, and blemishes. One of the primary causes of looking older is a lack of proper hydration in our skin. City Cosmetics has a new facial moisturizer called City Days that is specially formulated to combat the everyday signs of aging and reduce ... Read More »

City Views Rapid Repair Eye Cream Review


The first signs of aging begin to appear around our eyes, so it’s crucial to do whatever we can to keep those areas of skin properly moisturized and protected to prevent wrinkles. The extremely thin skin around the eyes and sensitive glands means that you can’t just use any lotion or you run the risk of irritating it. And that ... Read More »

City Lips – Does It Work?


City Lips – Good Housekeeping claims this is the best product on the market for fuller lips that reduce the signs of aging.  But is it? A quick glance at the reviews of City Lips show mixed results.  Many women love it and some even swear by it.  But others are not so satisfied. There are a few complaints about ... Read More »

FitnessBliss Software Review

One of the most difficult parts of deciding to opt for working out at home instead of going to the gym is not having someone knowledgeable to teach you how to do what needs to be done. The instructor at the local fitness center may be a bit creepy but he does know his stuff when it comes to fitness. ... Read More »

Microtouch Men’s Groomer


OK, guys. Let’s face facts. The face of masculinity is slowly becoming more and more metrosexual. That might sound contradictory at first, but think about it. Everywhere you look the image of the ideal guy is changing. About 20 years ago, no one would have accepted an action hero who looked like Keanu Reeves, even if he did defy physics ... Read More »

Bionic Hearing Aid Review


As we develop in the womb, we slowly acquire and develop senses. The first sense we acquire is hearing. That is why some studies recommend playing classical music for developing babies in the womb. Hearing is also generally the last sense we lose when we die. However, in between all that, hearing might not be lost but it does become ... Read More »

Reviewing the EZ Motion Braces


Have you ever experience this? After a long day at work on the computer or doing housework, you get up and when you move you hand you experience a sudden sharp pain on your wrists. That is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This happens because your median nerve (which goes through the carpal tunnel) has been compressed for a long period. If ... Read More »

The Cosmetics That Are Good For Your Skin


Any women who has used cosmetics will be quick to tell you that they can do amazing things in terms of enhancing beauty and hiding flaws and imperfections- however, most makeup is just simply bad for your skin. Since a lot of the liquid cosmetics and powders on the market today are full of chemicals that are literally toxic to ... Read More »

Exfoliation – Your Way to Younger Looking Skin


Who wouldn’t want to have beautiful, clear, younger looking skin? People have been looking for solutions to stop aging for centuries. There have been thousands of lotions and potions invented that are supposed to fight wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture. Unfortunately, none of them can stop the process of aging completely. Inevitably, skin loses its elasticity and brightness over ... Read More »

Weight Loss Without Exercise?


Let’s face it. There are more overweight people in the United States than in the rest of the world. The food choices available, the time we have to squeeze in meals between work, children’s activities and many times the work we bring home with us has left us with little time to eat healthily and exercise. We pay the price ... Read More »