GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Review


If you’re into extreme sports or have been looking for a way to document your motorcycle travels, you might have considered purchasing a helmet-mounted camera. There are several companies that make similar products, but the most popular helmet cam is the GoPro Hero3. We tested the Black Edition. This new version is smaller and lighter than earlier incarnations and features ... Read More »

SwiMp3 Underwater Mp3 Player


If you’re someone who likes to get their exercise in the pool instead of jogging around the track, you’ve probably longed for some kind of solution to let you listen to music while you swim. The SwiMp3 Underwater Mp3 player is a new product created by Finis. The headphones use bone conduction technology to transmit sound instead of small speakers. ... Read More »

Mega Women’s Libido Enhancement Review


Many women begin to notice a decline in their sexual arousal levels as they get older. To address these issues, Lawrence Supplements has created a new libido enhancer for women called Mega Women’s Libido Enhancement. This product is another addition to the “Mega” line of nutritional supplements for sexual health, developed by a former porn star named John Lawrence. The ... Read More »

City Lips – Does It Work?


City Lips – Good Housekeeping claims this is the best product on the market for fuller lips that reduce the signs of aging.  But is it? A quick glance at the reviews of City Lips show mixed results.  Many women love it and some even swear by it.  But others are not so satisfied. There are a few complaints about ... Read More »

PHGH Review


If you’ve ever looked into male enhancement before, you’ve probably heard about PHGH. This male enhancement supplement  is the new creation by John Lawrence that was previously only available to adult starts. What is PHGH? John claims his formula is a combination of special herbs that he himself has spent years experimenting with.  He claims to have found out the ... Read More »

The Revolutionary NuWave Infrared Oven


Microcooking (microwave cooking) has been quite popular especially now that people want things done instantly. This is the reason why there are already a lot of microwaveable food sold in supermarkets and grocery stores all over the world. However,  kitchenware innovations have come up with the perfect appliance that not only cooks food for you in a short span of ... Read More »

The Magic of Magic Jack


The world is no longer as big as it used to be. With all the technology we have today, maintaining contact with people from what used to be faraway places is quite easy. Long distance calls from grandma and grandpa are now possible. However, the phone bills you get from all those calls are not as easy. Some people rack ... Read More »

Snuggie Fleece Throws: The Solution to Your Cold Nights


Here you are having the perfect winter evening. After a long day of doing your part to ensure that the world keeps on turning, you are now having hot cocoa while snuggled up with your significant other under a warm wool blanket watching a great movie. As you eye your delicious hot cocoa, the sweet smell comes wafting to your ... Read More »

The Iron Gym Pull Up Bar: Your All-in-one Gym


With media constantly bombarding us with information about how fat and unhealthy people are while simultaneously parading images of celebrities who look like Greek gods, the collective desire to work out is reaching pitch fever. Everyone, for varying health, lifestyle and aesthetic reasons, wants to look, feel and be as healthy as possible. The hard part is actually doing it. ... Read More »

How I Won With The Lotto Black Book


By Ron Convistan As an avid lotto player I can tell you, I’ll be the first to call BS on any system that claims to “crack the code” to winning numbers. My Story… The reason why?  I don’t like admitting this, but I have tried just about every lotto system program under the sun.  and they all claim the same ... Read More »